Price List


Side view of HMBV

Type of Villa


Price in US Dollars

One bedroom duplex
1280 square feet
  From: $260,000  
Two bedroom villa
1866 square feet
  From: $345,000  

Luxury two bedroom villa
2100 square feet

  from $390,00  
Two bedroom/Studio option
2226 square feet
  From: $395,000  
Three bedroom villa
2364 square feet
  From: $425,000  
Four bedroom villa
3400 square feet
  From: $570,000  

Prices include appliances and landscaping options:

plunge pool, carports, airconditioning, security system, whirlpool


Monthly Fees:
Includes landscaping of viilas and common areas, and maintenance of roads, street lighting, and sewerage plants

One bedroom villas (duplex)   $100/month  
Two and bedroom villas   $150/month  
Three and four Bedroom villas   $200/month  

Common area charges will be adjusted by the neighborhood association as mutually agreed


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